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Photo: Eleventh Hour Rescue

Daniel the beagle is one of the many shelter dogs who had a rough start in life. He was among a group of stray dogs put into a gas chamber in an Alabama shelter to be euthanized. However, when the door was opened, Daniel walked out of the chamber.

He was taken in by Eleventh Hour Rescue, which works to save dogs from death row. The rescue group said, “When Eleventh Hour offered to take Daniel we felt that he was spared for a reason and we dared to dream that his story would help homeless animals everywhere be treated more humanely.” As it turns out, his story has prompted change. The incident has now led to the passing of Daniel’s Law in Pennsylvania.

According to KING5 News, the law introduced by Senator Andy Dinniman was passed yesterday and bans the use of carbon dioxide gas chambers to euthanize animals. Daniel’s adopter Joseph Dwyer, also a dog trainer, said of the new legislation “Today is a victory for thousands of animals in Pennsylvania, but there are more than 30 states that still permit the gas chamber and other inhumane forms of animal euthanasia.” A full list of the states that allow or have banned gas chamber euthanasia can be found at www.danielthebeagle.com.

Daniel’s new family includes four other dogs, all rescues taken in by the Dwyers. Shelby started out as one of the many abused pit bulls. She was rescued from a gas station where she was tied to a fence, but now is a therapy dog and visits hospices and other organizations. Daniel writes on his site, “Every dog needs to have a forever home like I do. We can bring such love and joy to a household and in so many ways, we complete a family. I hear my dad talk about doing what he can to make this a reality. I will go along with him any where he wants to go and tell my story as long as I come back to this awesome place I now call home!”

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