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Photo: Warner Bros/Going Vegan With Ellen

Recently, we wrote about the line of vegan pet foods that Ellen DeGeneres is reportedly working on. Now, we have a few more details and it looks like there won’t be as many options as originally expected.

In 2008, Ellen became a co-owner of Halo, an all-natural pet food company, according to Huliq. She joked, “I’ve been using all of their products long before I decided to invest in the company. I attribute my shiny coat to their all-natural supplements.” Halo has now sent out the word that they will not be introducing a vegan cat food. According to Catster, the company tweeted “Just to set things straight, Halo is NOT introducing a vegan cat food! Cats need animal protein and we are advocates for optimal nutrition for all pets.”

The topic of feeding cats a vegan diet is a hotly-debated one. The Catster blog continues, “Although vegan cat foods do exist, we can rest assured that Halo is not going to create one. Since Halo, with its celebrity owner and spokeswoman, is such a big deal in the pet food market, I’m gratified to know that although Ellen herself is a vegan, she has no plans to make the company impose her dietary ethics on obligate carnivores. Halo does plan to introduce a vegan dog food, but that’s not such a huge deal to me. Dogs are omnivores and they can do okay on a healthy, nutritionally balanced meat-free diet.”

Many cat-lovers argue that their cats enjoy a vegan diet and thrive on it, and you can find information on transitioning a cat (or dog) to a plant-based diet from organizations like the Vegan Society. For now, it looks like Ellen won’t be making an animal-free food for your feline friend anytime soon.

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  • guest

    Thank goodness. That is just inhumane!

    • nagevog

      killing cows and other farmed animals for pet food that would never be a part of a cat’s natural diet is inhumane. if we are going to completely fabricate a cat’s food, why does it have to be cruel?

      • Jl Parish21

        No one said anything about using cruel methods in regards to making the cat food. It’s inhumane to make an obligate carnivore eat vegan. Personally, I make my cat’s food out of raw chicken, taurine supplements, and raw fish. He loves it.