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by Ali Berman
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Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi are going to have to plan one heck of a yard sale for their upcoming move. The vegan power couple are selling their nearly 15,000 square foot mansion and trading it in for a 4,000 square foot Malibu home.

Of course, this isn’t just any home. Degeneres bought it from Brad Pitt so it’s hooked up with all the latest and greatest including a view of the Pacific Ocean, private beach privileges, two houses, a tennis court, pool and a powerful security system.

When Pitt bought the house after his split from Jennifer Aniston, he hired Malibu local and eco-designer Christopher R. Sorensen. Sorensen added an extra floor to the home and probably rigged it up with some environmentally friendly features.

Although, when it comes to the environment, nothing is better than reducing the square footage. The new home will be a third of the size of their house that’s currently on the market for a price tag of 49 million dollars.

The cost of their new digs? A much more reasonable 12 million bucks. That won’t be their only savings. We wonder how much their electricity bill will go down…

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