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by Lisa Kalner Williams
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Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg told Fortune that he will only eat meat from animals he personally kills. Wanna know how that’s been working out for him this year?

From the looks of two photos leaked earlier this month, the Facebook co-founder has killed his own chicken for personal consumption. One photo shows him gripping a chicken upside down by its feet and another shows him holding a plate of freshly made chicken nuggets.

And there have been stories of Zuck hunting bison. Those who followed September’s f8 conference learned that his newly unveiled Timeline mentioned him cooking bison burgers. Perhaps not coincidentally, a bison head has been mounted — as a prank — on the wall of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s conference room. Photos from show that the bison, apparently named Billy, proudly wears a Facebook baseball cap.

So while no paparazzi shots have been seen of Mark Zuckerberg eating someone else’s meat at say, an In-N-Out Burger, it does appear that he has been readily consuming his own poultry and game.

What do you think of his “only my own meat” plan?

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  • dl

    Whatever he hopes to model or accomplish would be better actualized by his becoming vegan. His killing animals only demonstrates the fact that he has no real respect for the lives of other beings.