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Angelina Jolie’s film “In the Land of Blood and Honey” debuted on Dec. 23rd. The story illustrates a society filled with conflict and the government’s lack of political will to do anything about it. Jolie came under much criticism for setting the film in war-ravaged Bosnia during the 1992-1995 Balkan Conflict. So much criticism that one Bosnian women’s group campaigned against it. She overcame the criticism and proceeded to make a film that has earned a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Foreign Language Film.”

According to Digital Spy, Jolie has decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from soundtrack sales to help kids in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She said of the donation, “We are happy that a portion of the proceeds from the film’s soundtrack will support SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide stable, family-based homes to children, regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender, who do not have their own families to care for them.”

Jolie learned a lot about the Bosnian people and the struggles of those who lived through the war during her time filming the movie. She told Reuters, “I didn’t go into this wanting to be a director, I went into this film because I was moved by the themes. It wasn’t a normal film experience for me, it was an education every day in humanity and in unity, and also getting to know a culture.”

Part of her reason for making the film was to raise awareness about a conflict that isn’t really talked about. She said, “This is my generation that went through this in Europe. So I read more and I learned more and I was just so taken by how little I knew, how little the world speaks about it, and I felt compelled to put this story together.”

SOS Children’s Village helps build families for children in need, runs schools, day-care centers, and training centers, and advocates for changes that will improve the lives of children, their families and communities.

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