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Back in June, Patrick Dempsey announced that global solar panel manufacturer Trina Solar would not only become a sponsor of his Dempsey Racing team – but also work with him to launch a new clean energy charity.

“It’s fantastic,” Dempsey said at a press conference. “I can’t thank them enough for signing on with Dempsey Racing and Trina Solar is going to make a big impact in a lot of different communities of just trying to reach out and understand who is in need and who can benefit from solar energy.”

In a new short film for the company, Dempsey educates on the power of solar energy to change the world – highlighting Trina’s philanthropic efforts that have already made a difference. “It rises every day,” he says. “It shows us what’s possible. The answer is staring us in the face.”

The press release makes clear that the “Grey’s Anatomy” star is not a company spokesman; saying he’s “motivated by a personal interest in solar power as an energy solution.” Apparently, he’s also planning on installing solar panels on his home in Southern California.

Oh – and for fans of McDreamy, his exit at the end of this season of “Grey’s” may not be as final as was once thought.

“It’s worth having a conversation. I have a family to support, and why not have a discussion about continuing?” he tells TV Guide in its upcoming Winter Preview issue . “The question is will I do a full season, a half season or come back at all? There are a lot of things I’d like to do: (car) racing, films … so if I’m able to balance all those things and continue on with the show, why not? There are so many other things than just the money. But it’s a nice position to be in.”

Check out the short film below.

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