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When it comes to charitable endeavors, it seems as though the Kardashians are keeping up with each other. Just last month, Kim Kardashian traveled to Haiti with actress Maria Bello, on behalf of Bello’s Foundation.

And now it looks like Khloe Kardashian is one-upping her big sister. On Sunday night, she sent out a tweet asking her followers to support the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to help protect tigers.

She wrote, “By texting TIGERS to 20222, your $10 donation will help WWF save the tiger in its vast range—from India to China, to the Russian Far East.” And a separate tweet read, “Next week I will adopt an Amur Leopard… So sad… #WWF.

Thanks to her vast empire of followers (5 million plus and counting), the donations started rolling in, much to the delight of the WWF.

“In the past couple of days, we’ve had over 600 people text for tigers [at $10 a text], which is fantastic and more than usual,” said a rep for the wildlife organization. “That equals over $6,000! The money donated goes to science and research on the ground in regions of the world where tigers live, so that we may better understand how to protect them and to help develop and protect their habitats. Also, WWF has seen in recent years an uptick in poaching, which has affected tiger populations. As a result, money we see from these donations will support on-the-ground anti-poaching efforts as well.”

The WWF also stressed their appreciation for celebrity support, which can have a huge impact on campaigns. “Celebrities can reach millions of people who are near and dear to our cause of saving wild tigers,” said the rep.

For her part, Khloe was thrilled with the response. In a follow-up tweet, she said, “Awww I hope we all are saving a lot of wild life!!!! I see a lot of you guys tweeting that you have sent the text! Yay for animals!!!”

Yay, indeed. We may not know exactly why the Kardashians are famous, but it’s nice to see them using their influence for good.

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