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Damaged Sea Shepherd Vessel to Be Docked for Rest of Campaign

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Sea Shepherd’s current Antarctic campaign was going well for the whales. The crew was able to locate the whaling fleet before the ships even reached the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary thanks to donated drones, and the organization continues to report that no whales have been killed this season. However, the Shepherds were hit with some bad news.

The Brigitte Bardot suffered serious damage when hit with a rogue wave. The Steve Irwin has escorted the vessel and crew safely back to port in Fremantle, but it looks like the Brigitte will not be returning to Antarctica. According to WA Today, the vessel will have to stay docked for repairs for up to three months, while the Steve Irwin will soon head back to defend the whales.

Brigitte Bardot ship manager Simon Ager said, “We were going through anything between six and eight metres, and then we had a rogue wave of 11 metres, it just came right over and kicked us really hard. There was a massive crack in the pontoon and then and there I knew it was game over, and we weren’t going to be staying down in Antarctica, and it was one of those moments where it was all hands on deck. Unfortunately this vessel that performed so well last year isn’t going to go back, I don’t think.” Ager added that it was likely the worst weather he’d been in and thought the boat might flip at one point. He, along with Captain Jonathan Renecle and ship engineer Vincent Vandendridssche will be remaining while the other crewmembers return with the Steve Irwin.

Captain Paul Watson and the Steve Irwin crew will stay to refuel and replenish supplies before sailing. Ager says, “We wanted to get back to Antarctica, it’s a great campaign. It’s going to be hard seeing the Steve sail off again without us.”

The crew report that they were followed by one of the whaling ships, the Shonan Maru #2, which came in close while the Brigitte Bardot was refueling. “They came in for a close look, when we had to refuel. It was a dangerous situation, we were paralysed, we’re trying to take on fuel, we can’t go anywhere. There was a bit of a moment there where we were wondering what was going to happen.” Sea Shepherd believes the ship is still in Australian waters.

Meanwhile, Sea Shepherd reports that the Bob Barker has stayed close to the whaling fleet and will continue with the campaign while waiting for the Steve Irwin to return.

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  • Alberta Boy

    This ship was never suitable for the Antarctic Ocean. What was Paul Watson thinking here?

  • Crwler

    At least they didn’t spill diesel fuel into the ocean like the last boat they wrecked. These idiots leave a trail of destruction everywhere they go. They like to brag about how many longlines and nets they have destroyed but they did not recover any of them.Sea Shepherd does not have the equipment to retreive the nets or the lines. They just cut the marker buoys loose so the fishermen cant find them. They either let them sink to bottom or just left them adfrift. That is completely irresponsible. Those nets are still snagging fish and turtles and dolphins and yes even whales. So much for caring about the ocean.

    • It’s all about lies and donations. The only thing Watson cares about is donations and he will say or do anything to get them as long as he doesn’t put himself at risk because he considers himself far to important.

    • Joesolo

      As you obviously don’t understand bouyancy, those buoys are what makes those nets float. without the buoys, they sink to the bottom of the ocean, and break down. after that they pose no threat.

  • romika3

    What can I say but looks like there will be another “donate” button the the SSCS web page….. Another lot of potential research money gone down the drain…….

  • watson is not legally a captain and neither was captain kangaroo

    • Joesolo

      If your in charge of a ship, you a captain. I’m the captain of my kayak, for example. You don’t need to have a military rank to be a captain.

  • Mejaeger

    I am wondering if Paul heard the news about the Japs using money which was donated for the devestation to their country,,for whaleing?

    • romika3

      That news is the news that Paul Watson made up for the media.

      • Joesolo

        Nope, the japanenese government used tusnami funds for the whaling fleet.

  • aaron halam

    I believe in what these men and women are doing…………..although I am not a vegan I believe we are destroying our oceans. Like paul said, the killing and consuming of whales is antiquated in this day and age, it isnt needed. The killing of seals isnt needed either. What the Sea Shepherds need is someone with R and S expertise. They need someone with real world intelligence expertise. You dont drive by an area in 2 vwhite vehicles loaded………….use motorcycles, with 2 riders, take pics, rehearse…………….I could help the land element…………..

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