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Elizabeth Hurley may be giving up her 400-acre farm in EnglandElizabeth Hurley may be giving up her 400-acre farm in England

Elizabeth Hurley's Farm May Hit The Market

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The farm life that Elizabeth Hurley embraced lovingly for many years appears to be coming to an end.

Actually, it may have ended months ago, as the 46-year-old has been spending much of her time in Australia with her new husband Shane Warne. According to the Daily Mail, Hurley has brought on contract farmers to manage Ampney Knowle, the 400-acre farm she bought in 2003 for $5?million. She’s also selling off the rare-breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs and Gloucestershire cows that contributed to her organic foods line.

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“There is a major tidy-up of the farm going on,” a local source told the paper, with hints that a “For Sale” sign is likely not far away. “The contract farmer will do everything – plough, fertilise, harvest – and Liz will not be directly involved now. She is giving up the good life.”

Earlier last month, Sky Living announced that it was dropping plans to air an already-finished documentary about Hurley and her life in the countryside.

The one-hour long program, which was first hinted at back in 2008, would have given viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Hurley’s philanthropy, family and farm in the U.K.  ”People always imagine me with perfect hair,” she said. “But that’s not who I am. The first time he saw me in the country, my husband found me in wellies, covered in mud.”

A rep for Sky Living said, “You have to give the audience what they want and move with the times. Sometimes what is captured on camera doesn’t deliver and we have to make a decision. Is it salvageable or do we rest it?”

Part of the reason Hurley may no longer live at Ampney Knowle is because of its association with her ex-husband Arun Nayar. The two divorced in April 2011.

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