Discovery may be canceling planet green this summer
by Michael dEstries
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The eco-themed television experiment that is Discovery Communications Planet Green network will come to a merciful end this summer, according to TV Guide.

The magazine quotes insiders who say the network will receive a new name and focus; with lifestyle themes like food or travel the top contenders.

“Discovery is being extra diligent in how it remakes Planet Green, an insider says, and execs are currently researching genres and potential new names.”

At one point home to such shows as “Emeril Green”, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys”, and the DiCaprio-produced “Greensburg”, Planet Green was launched in June 2008 as a replacement for Discovery Home. Some $50M was invested in setting up the new network.

Unfortunately, the eco-programming never managed to live up to the expectations of Discovery execs – and the channel has gradually transitioned to other forms of non-green entertainment. CEO David Zaslav said early last year that the company was looking to do something “more meaningful” with the channel; especially in light of its valuable audience of more than 60 million households.

What kind of new channel reborn from the ashes of Planet Green would you like to see? Something focused on adventure and travel? Food (with some healthy doses of veg programming) or something else? Let us know below.

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  • Anonymous

    I am pretty dismayed by this. It is so pathetic and sad to me that enough people can’t be bothered to care about a network with an eco-theme, given the danger all life on this planet is in, to keep said network afloat. I’ve also been disheartened by all the non-green programming I’ve seen lately. I hope the network doesn’t lose its green focus as it transitions. But I doubt it will thrive even as a travel or culinary network, because those fields are crowded enough, in my opinion. I also REALLY hope that “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” comes back. I LOVE that show. It’s great television. It’s a crime to me that that show could disappear completely and all that crap on TLC is still around. Discovery Communications…what do we do with you?!

  • Twheedle

    I liked Planet Green, and wished they would have continued to produce and try new programming. Disappointed to see so many reruns all the time. When it was new I would watch it all the time until everything went to reruns and no new material. There is so much green news to pursue…climate change, sustainability, vegan/vegetarian health, healthy homes, toxic products…its endless!