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Kim Kardashian Keeps 90% of Profits from 'Charity' Auction

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Being in the limelight means cultivating a public image. Fortunately for charities, nothing looks better on a celebrity than a good cause. Many celebs give themselves fully to an important issue, but others simply use charitable work for good PR. Case and point: Kim Kardashian’s auctions on eBay Giving Works.

The Kardashian sister has been auctioning off her personal items for years. Dresses, purses, and even cars. While many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Sienna Miller and Charlie Sheen donate 100% of their auction proceeds to charity, Kim only donates the minimum 10%. That means of the $3500 she recently sold her Herve Leger dress for, she pocketed $3150 (give or take with eBay fees) while charity only got $350.

It’s true that on her ebay page it only says, “A portion of the proceeds benefit the Dream Foundation.” But as Fox points out, her tagline for her auctions is as follows: “Charity Auction Supporting the Dream Foundation.”

While some of the funds do go to charity, this seems more like a source of income for Kardashian, who is already reported to be worth around $35 million. A great deal of funds have probably been made for charity over the years, but that number is dwarfed by the amount she has made for herself.

What do you think? Is she being deceptive? Or, good for her for donating anything at all?

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  • Heather

    It’s better than donating nothing. I don’t have any money to donate. But, seems she culd certainly afford to donate more. If I had her money I would donate 100% but to each his own.

  • Nick

    This is a slanderous article, this is not advertised as a Charity Auction. It is a regular e bay auction from her personal page WITH some of the proceeds going to charity. I will make sure this site sees legal action.

  • Poster 1

    Wow 1st!…I don’t care if she keeps the profit. Do you really think she actually has anything to do with ebay itself other than telling some minion (who has a job unlike many right now) what to sell?

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