Fox fur will be used in Cindy Barshop's new luxury vagina merkin line.
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In 2005, Jennifer Lopez attempted to start a trend with fur eyelashes that quickly caught on. The eyelashes were made of red fox fur. Shortly after, Madonna fanned the flames of the hot trend by wearing eyelashes made from mink fur. Some of us hoped the trend would die and that these celebrities and others like them would see the dark side of the fur industry and help put a stop to inhumane practices. That hasn’t been the case. Instead we have now been introduced to the luxury vagina merkin, a toupée for the pubic area made from real fur.

That’s right. The trend is just moving lower on the body and in areas which are better left alone. “Real Housewives of New York” star Cindy Barshop has launched luxury vagina merkins for her clients made out of real fur. Gawker called the act one of the most “trivial uses of fur industry in humanity.”

Barshop created two lines of luxury merkins made from real fox fur. Her waxing salon, Completely Bare, is selling the vagina wigs at a cost of $195 to start with. The wigs coming in a variety of colors including neon pink. Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor wrote of the Foxy Bikini, “It costs $225, comes in multiple artificial neon hues, and looks like nightmare porno from the id of Dr. Seuss. I hereby move to name this monstrous device a “furkin.””

There seems to be so much just wrong about the idea. First and foremost is the distasteful use of fur in the first place and second is the ridiculousness of the idea of a toupée for the vagina especially in such brilliant colors as neon pink, purple, and florescent green.

Barshop must think the move to utilize the fur industry in this trivial manner will help her gain some clients. After all, it has been rumored that she has financial troubles but it is seriously doubtful that this trend will catch on. Why would anyone want to pay someone to wax their vagina to affix a real fur toupée instead? Especially those who understand what happened to the animal before it became a luxury vagina merkin?

One can only hope this practice dies out quicker than it started.

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  • Crb

    So many things wrong with this, including how people use the word vagina. A vagina is inside a woman’s body – the canal between the vulva and the uterus. Vulva refers to the external female genitalia- where the hair is (real or otherwise).

  • sonia

    Why the hell would you want animal hair near your nether regions? B****es be crazy! Sorry Jay-Z.

  • Shariyard

    Piece of trash!

  • Arnoud

    Protest Completely Bare’s use of fox fur for pubic wigs at

  • Deb Gardiner

    Surely her vagina wouldn’t know the difference if it was wearing fake fur rather than a poor dead animal’s skin…