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Giant Solar Flare May Spark Auroras TONIGHT Across U.S.

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[UPDATE: While the solar storm did not hit as expected last night, hit did this this morning, setting up what some astronomers say is a decent chance for aurora activity tonight (01/22). Check Spaceweather.com for the latest.]

You know those phenomenal solar light shows we see during those gorgeous NASA ISS flyovers of earth? Get ready to potentially see some in your backyard TONIGHT.

“Forecasters say strong geomagnetic storms are possible when the cloud arrives during the late hours of Jan. 21st. High-latitude (and possibly middle-latitude) sky watchers should be alert for auroras this weekend,” said the site SpaceWeather.

Current forecasts call for the geomagnetic storm to kick off sometime after dark – so if you’ve got clear to partly-clear skies, bundle up and go take a look northward.

Let us know if you see anything!

Check out video of the sun’s latest Coronal Mass Ejection below.

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  • iodine333

    Across the US? That’s not very specific. What about SoCal? I never heard of Auroras reaching as far south as SoCal

    • ok

      They reached Oklahoma last October, so keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen again tonight

  • ILoveSpace

    “Sometime after dark” is a little misleading since it is scheduled to arrive at 3pm MST (+/- 7 hours).

  • Weedmanjim26

    so we will not git to see it in south fl will we i hope so

  • Maybe after the Mayans foresaw the state of the world in 2012 with reality show people & ” celebrities ” as the new ” stars ‘ of the world & to who a vast majority of people in this feeble world sadly now obviously bow down to as their new ” gods “, their prognostication of the end of the World on 12/21/2012 is not so much of a prophecy, but perhaps is actually wishful thinking on their part ! lol

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