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First Lady Michelle Obama is heading to Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday Jan. 25 to discuss new USDA guidelines for school lunches at Parktown Elementary School. Mrs. Obama will join Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and celebrity cook Rachael Ray to talk about the new food guidelines with parents.

The USDA’s new standards focus on proper portions, an increase in whole-grain rich foods, more fruits and vegetables, and limiting milk varieties to fat-free or low-fat. For a long time the USDA guidelines were done with a food pyramid. The new guidelines are being provided with a food plate which is more accurate to the way people eat. The plate is divided into four sections with the largest sections being devoted to vegetables and grains.

The First Lady is passionate about kids eating healthy. Her passion is sure to come through in her discussions with parents at Parktown Elementary as they are served a healthy lunch that meets all the new nutritional guidelines and improved standards of the USDA. The meal will be cooked by Rachael Ray, who has often talked about healthy foods and has devoted an entire section of her website to kids school lunches.

Mrs. Obama has been a leader in the healthy food movement, not just in schools but in households as well. When the First Lady decided she was going to make part of the White House lawn a vegetable garden, many households followed suit starting backyard gardens. Mrs. Obama’s garden has yielded over a ton of produce from its inception with a very small start-up cost of $200. She added honeybees to help pollinate the garden and use the honey they create as a sugar substitute.

The First Lady has helped show others that eating healthy can be done while also maintaining a budget. Her visit to Parktown Elementary School is bound to be informative and delicious.

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