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As a vegetarian and PETA spokeswoman, Pamela Anderson is as well-known for her animal rights work as she is for her acting. Now the blond bombshell is stepping up to help people as well.

Anderson has listed her 2007 Range Rover on eBay, and the proceeds are going to the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Sean Penn’s charity. According to the MSN UK, Anderson’s motivation for selling the car is simple. “At the anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake… With knowledge of how far they’ve come – but how much further they need to go… Displaced families, children… All I had to do was look in my perfectly groomed driveway to see I do not need 2 vehicles. I wanted to be able to share some of my comfort with those that have none.”

If the car sells for more than $50,000, Anderson will personally meet with the buyer and hand over the keys. As for the car’s condition…it’s not stellar, but according to Anderson, it’s not her fault. She teasingly blames the damage on her ex, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

“Few mild scratches in the driver’s side seat due to lending it to Tommy for a month while his impala was in the shop – wallet chains reek havoc on soft interiors…Other than that the wear and tear of 2 little surfers – lots of sand and surf wax – it has survived – rescued animals, snowboard & surf trips – and a few moves along the California coast,” she writes on the auction page.

The Rover is white with a tan interior and has almost 76,000 miles on it, with bidding currently at $30,100. The auction ends on January 26, so act fast if you want a good deal on a new ride.

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