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Pamela Anderson Speaks Out Against Glue Traps

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Actress and activist Pamela Anderson is speaking out for animals on behalf of PETA, her favorite animal rights organization.

The “Baywatch” star tweeted, “Did you know that glue traps are inhumane and indiscriminate, capturing not just rats and mice but also birds,..”

Anderson links to the PETA page about glue traps, letting PETA tell the public more about why glue traps are so cruel. PETA writes, “Glue traps cause slow, agonizing deaths to the animals—mice, birds, squirrels, kittens, and other small animals—who get caught in them. These animals can die of suffocation, dehydration, or starvation while stuck to a trap, or the glue can rip patches of skin, fur, or feathers from the animals’ bodies as they desperately struggle to escape. Death can take days.”

The animal rights organization makes it easy for you to take action against institutions still using glue traps. Visit their campaign page to learn more about how.

And if you happen to find a creature caught in a glue trap, PETA tells you how to free the poor darling. “If you find an animal who is stuck in a glue trap, pour a small amount of cooking oil or baby oil onto the stuck areas (avoiding the animal’s nose and mouth to prevent suffocation) and gently work the animal free. Injured or weak animals must be rushed to a nearby veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator.”

Or, if you see an empty glue trap, you can do what I do: step on that horrible device so no animal can be harmed. Flatten it like a pancake.

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  • Vet Barnes

    How do you explain the deaths of 12 million children each year from lack of high quality protein? How do you explain the deaths of 16 children from malnutrition from being placed on a strict vegan diet? By putting what one eats on a religious moral basis you ignore 1/3 of the population that cannot eat a vegan diet due to differences in the ability to digest plant proteins or even gluten. A vegan diet is not possible for everyone and definitely should not be forced onto an infant or growing child since lack of protein and the undefined essential nutrients cannot be digested from plants. To ask everyone to forgo eating meat is to not acknowledge that there are two different types of VB12. One is active and only found in meat and the other is inactive and found in plant material. The inactive variety actually causes you to need more active VB12 since it locks out the real VB12. Being vegan is not moral because farming plants actually kills just as many if not more animals than farming. This is extremely dangerous for the human species and certainly one you could not convince or push onto other animals. The idea that a dog or cat can be fed a vegan diet is cruel and abusive. Forcing an infant onto a vegan diet is also cruel and abusive.

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