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anjelica hustonanjelica huston

Anjelica Huston Tells Careerbuilder to Stop Super Bowl Chimp Ads

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Anjelica Huston has spoken out against the use of live monkeys in the movie Tarzan and has teamed up with PETA to call for an end to the use of great apes in entertainment.

Now, the Academy Award-winning actress has joined PETA’s campaign against Careerbuilder’s Super Bowl ads featuring chimpanzees. Huston wrote a letter to CEO Matt Ferguson about Careerbuilder’s choice to use the animals in their commercials again.

Huston wrote, “I am distraught that CareerBuilder has decided once again to feature chimpanzee infants in its Super Bowl ad, despite the public outcry and the condemnation of every well-known primatologist, including Dr. Jane Goodall. So many advances in protecting chimpanzees have been made in the past few years, and many top ad agencies now refuse to use these animals.” She also mentions the widespread push to protect chimps, including the federal government’s recent decision to suspend all new chimp experiments.

Huston also points out that even if the animals are unharmed during filming, they do suffer before and after. She continues, “Having a monitor on the set does not forgive the fact that you have paid to have these bright and social young apes torn from their mothers and subjected to confusing and often abusive training. These animals will likely be sold after a few years to some cheap roadside zoo or traveling show, where they will be condemned to cramped cages, left to suffer from extreme loneliness and sink into despair.”

The actress also references her previous work with PETA. “It is astonishing that you are unmoved by the videos, photographs, and case reports of what befalls these animals from the moment they are taken from their mothers to the moment they die. May I remind you of this brief video that I made for PETA?” she writes.

Other animal advocates are also speaking out against Careerbuilder’s chimp commercials, and a petition has been created on Change.org.

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  • The CareerBuilder ad is a sad testament to corporate insentience about our sentient cousins. “No chimps were beaten during the taping of our ad,” their PR spokespeople protest. Well, of course not. That happens earlier. But while CareerBuilder deliberately thumbs its nose at animal lovers, responsible companies are listening to ape welfare advocates. Pfizer created an innovative ad campaign for Robitussin, using a computer generated image of an orangutan. Which company is smart and forward looking, and which one is mired in the ignorant yuck-yucks of the last century?

    Please sign our petition, asking CareerBuilder to stop using live chimps in the Super Bowl ad. If they try real hard, maybe someday they could even be as innovative as Pfizer. Go to http://www.change.org/petitions/careerbuilder-stop-using-chimpanzees-in-super-bowl-ads


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