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Bob Barker Asks UVA to Stop Testing on Cats

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When it comes to animal rights, Bob Barker doesn’t discriminate. He speaks out for elephants, chimps, cats and dogs. You name it.

In his latest effort on behalf of animals, Barker has teamed up with PCRM to ask the University of Virginia to stop experimenting on live cats in its pediatrics residency program.

We’re guessing the million bucks Barker gave to UVA for their animal law program gives his voice a bit more weight than just any celebrity off the street.

The former Price is Right host wrote:

“As a proud supporter of the University of Virginia, I am writing to ask you to end your university’s use of live cats for teaching future pediatricians. This outdated and inhumane use of animals can easily be replaced with high-tech simulators based on human anatomy.

“When teaching endotracheal intubation, UVA instructs residents to force a plastic tube through the mouth and into the trachea of live cats. This painful procedure can cause bleeding and bruising. And the cats don’t just go through this once—they are subjected to it over and over.

“I’m very concerned about the pain and suffering these animals experience—and I’m also worried that pediatrics residents are being short-changed on their education. Practicing on cats is not the best way to learn how to perform this critical procedure on newborn babies. That’s why 94 percent of pediatrics residency programs have replaced animal use with more effective nonanimal methods.”

If you want to take action along with Bob Barker, reach out to UVA and ask them to save the lives of cats.

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  • Witchy849

    The use of live or dead animals in the training of so called fu#king healers is abhorrent!how about using some death row criminals instead@especially baby rapers..killers etclet the punishmentfit the crimes@ it is archaic to continue using animals and inherently cruel!

  • Princeton Siamesecat

    Shame on UVA for continuing this practice! Thank you Bob Barker for speaking up.

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