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Photo: Element Hotel

President Barack Obama opted to stay at an eco-friendly hotel in Las Vegas before a speech at a UPS facility in Nevada last Thursday. His stay at the Element by Westin kept in-line with the commentary of his speech which focused on his energy policy, sales of new oil and gas drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico, and the completion of a highway corridor for vehicles that run on liquified natural gas.

A reporter did try to get a feel for how the audience perceived the speech, but was quickly turned away by UPS representatives who said the interviewees, “weren’t permitted to express their opinions about Mr. Obama or the policies he discussed,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The eco-friendly room that President Obama stayed in was decked out with recycling bins for paper, plastic and glass, utilized energy efficient light-bulbs and appliances, and had carpets made from recycled materials. According to UPI, the President and his entourage ordered 12 pizzas and 20 cannolis from Dom Demarco’s pizzeria which were delivered to the hotel.

Obama’s stay at an eco-friendly hotel was a good choice for the topics he has been speaking on during his post- State of the Union tour. His visits to Nevada and Colorado are extremely important to his re-election campaign. Both states were useful to his original election in 2008.

After leaving Las Vegas, the President headed to Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado where his speech covered the Defense Department’s expanded use of clean-energy. Colorado has become a leader in the energy movement. Environmentalist’s and energy companies have found a way to compromise to create energy programs including solar energy projects, home weatherization, and greening of the government.

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