Drew Barrymore makes friends with Greenpeace volunteer Cindy Lowry and whale puppets in Big Miracle
by Allyson Koerner
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Drew Barrymore’s new film not only landed her an animal-friendly role, but also helped her make friends with the Greenpeace volunteer/heroine she portrays in “Big Miracle,” along with her puppet whale co-stars.

Barrymore stars as Rachel Kramer in this real-life tale that happened in 1988. The film is based on the true story of three California gray whales trapped underneath five miles of ice in northern Alaska.

Throughout filming the inspirational movie, the 36-year-old actress found kinship with Cindy Lowry, the Greenpeace volunteer who inspired Barrymore’s role.

“We actually really clicked, and we found out that we were a lot alike: feisty and really passionate and wrapped up in our work,” Barrymore revealed to the New York Daily News.

“She and I would go hiking and talk about life. She gave me her jewelry and clothes, and I actually wear them in the movie. It was really cool and meaningful.”

Lowry worked hard to protect and rescue the whales from an Inuit tribe who wanted to harvest the magnificent creatures and also from a Northern Alaskan Oil Company, which in the movie is run by Ted Danson.

Yes, Barrymore is a major part of the movie, but we can’t forget about her co-stars, the whales! Even though actual whales did not act, animatronic puppets were used.

“We would have liked to work with real ones, but you don’t want to harm the whales,” Barrymore explained. “The puppets were amazing, though, and I love that they were not all CGI. That was really helpful to the believability of the film. I feel like you’ll sense that when you watch it. They are not painted in.”

A great deal of the movie was filmed in the Arctic. Can you say brr?! Barrymore sure can.

“I’m a real priss about the cold, so I’m not going to claim that I was excited about it,” the actress said.

Despite the cold, Barrymore didn’t let that interrupt her passion for animals and telling the story. A supporter of the ASPCA and a well-known animal lover, Barrymore recently adopted a pup with fiancé Will Kopelman.

Be sure to hit the theater this Friday, when “Big Miracle” opens. You can also marvel at Barrymore’s co-stars like John Krasinski and Kristen Bell. Sounds like a great cast and story wrapped into one.

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