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This week actress America Ferrera took a stand for women by showing her support for Planned Parenthood.

Ferrera attended the “Playing Politics With Women’s Health: The 2012 Election and Why It Matters” luncheon put on by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund which joined women together to discuss women’s health issues and the upcoming presidential election.

“I think that women’s health is an issue that is close to me, because of my community. We’re only as strong as the ability we have to take care of the women who are giving birth and nurturing the next generation,” Ferrera said at the luncheon.

The event was the launch of Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund “Women are Watching” campaign. Other actresses who joined Ferrera included Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Union and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Editors and journalists from leading women’s magazines were also in attendance.

“Women’s health is very important to me. It has become such a politicized issue and so I will make every effort to elect officials who believe as strongly as I do that all women (not just the ones who can afford fancy doctors in private practice!) have access to quality health care and information,” Gyllenhaal said, who also wrote an article for Glamour magazine about these occurring issues.

This past week, Planned Parenthood made headlines, when the organization learned Susan G. Komen would no longer provide funding for breast health services. Komen announced its new policy does not allow them to fund organizations under investigation by local, state or federal authorities. Planned Parenthood has been subjected to inquiry determining if it has used federal money for abortions, which is against the law.

“We regret that these new policies have impacted some long-standing grantees, such as Planned Parenthood, but want to be absolutely clear that our grant-making decisions are not about politics,” Komen said in a statement.

This is just one of the many reasons women have united, especially at events like the Planned Parenthood luncheon.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund also spoke at luncheon and said, “Women’s health will be a central issue in the next election, and women will determine the outcome of the election. It’s projected that 53 percent of voters in November will be women. Let’s celebrate that power – and use it.”

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