James Cameron buys a New Zealand farm
by Michael dEstries
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When your name is behind the two top grossing films of all time, scooping up thousands of acres in the most beautiful place on the planet isn’t much of a financial conundrum.

According to various sources, James Cameron (“Avatar”, “Titanic”) has purchased two plots totaling 2,470 acres about 50 miles northeast of the city of Wellington on New Zealand’s North Island. Total cost for all that “Lord of the Rings” inspired backdrop: $16.6M

And speaking of the “Rings” trilogy, Cameron’s new home will be a short 12 miles from Peter Jackson’s estate. The Kiwi director is currently filing the LOTR prequel “The Hobbit”.

The most interesting thing about this purchase is that Cameron and his family plan on “residing indefinitely” in New Zealand and operating both properties as working farms.

That’s a surprising move – as the director and his wife Suzy Amis already own a 100-acre off-grid ranch in Santa Barbara (see video here), as well as managing the eco-friendly MUSE school.

Rumors hint that the real reason for the move as to do with the “Avatar” sequels currently in development. It’s no secret that Cameron plans on shooting lots of underwater scenes for the second film – and access to WETA Digital (located in Wellington) may be another factor.

Then again, the director and his team did just sign a five-year lease on a giant studio in Manhattan Beach, CA specifically for the “Avatar” flicks. So, I wouldn’t expect to see the guy walking around without shoes and sipping a Monteith’s Summer Ale in Wellington just yet.

Still, if you’ve ever been to New Zealand, you know well the envy I have for someone who can own even a sliver of this paradise. Let’s hope he keeps it as green and sustainable as he has his California ranch.

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