PETA sends Planned Parenthood a list of no animal-testing cancer charities
by Jennifer Mishler
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Photo: PETA

The news that the Susan G. Komen for The Cure Foundation will no longer give funding to Planned Parenthood is getting quite the response. The foundation says they cannot fund any organization that is under investigation, but many believe they have really caved to political pressure. In fact, people have started petitions like this one with over 3,200 signatures, and Planned Parenthood has gotten over $400,000 in donations in just the past couple of days according to Gothamist.

Now, PETA has chimed in on the situation and sent Planned Parenthood a list of other cancer charities. The animal rights organization says that these charities don’t fund animal testing, unlike Susan G. Komen. Their list includes American Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Fund,, the Doctor Susan Love Research Foundation, and the Keep A Breast Foundation. They also point to the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine’s lists of charities that have earned their Humane Charity seal.

“The Susan G. Komen Foundation won’t fund breast cancer screening, but it will pay to kill animals in archaic and unreliable experiments. PETA hopes our list will help Planned Parenthood find a partner more dedicated to preventive care and modern, humane research,”said Kathy Guillermo, PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations.

PETA calls the tests funded by Susan G. Komen “archaic, painful, and deadly” and cite one in which tumor cells were injected into the brains of mice. “When the mice developed brain tumors, they were killed, and the tumor tissues were implanted into other mice, who had their necks broken and their brains cut out and dissected,” says PETA. The organization also claims that cancer testing on animals is unreliable and often produces “ambiguous” or “unusable” findings.

America Ferrara recently showed her support for Planned Parenthood along with other women at ‘Playing Politics With Women’s Health: The 2012 Election and Why It Matters,’ a luncheon event by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

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