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You know a film is doing well when it ranks 69% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer with 81% of the audience liking the film. “Big Miracle” has become the feel-good family movie of 2012 because it’s story-line is one that many in this day and age would find absurd since it involves media, government and organizations working together.

Actress Drew Barrymore and actor John Krasinski attempt to bring to light the plight of three whales stuck in quickly forming Arctic ice caps through the media. By working with the local people, calling in bigger media, and using big governments, the duo dramatizes a heart-warming rescue of gray whales.

Big Miracle, previously titled “Everybody Loves Whales,” is a story based on the true account of Operation Breakthrough. Three whales that were trapped within the quickly forming Arctic ice near Point Barrow, Alaska, in 1988 were in dire need of rescue.

The three gray whales were in danger of pack ice, but with the help of multiple organizations, various governments, and the help of the local people were able to swim free. Sadly, the youngest whale, at age 9 months, was unable to survive the rescue efforts and died on October 21– one week before the other two whales swam to freedom.

AP Movie Critic, Christy Lemire, asks in her film review of Big Miracle, “If a movie is cheesy and knows it’s cheesy — if it embraces the soft, gooey texture and pungent aroma of its own fromage — does that make it any more palatable as a meal?”

Some critics feel torn on the film’s substance –

“Big Miracle” might be subtitled, “How Hollywood Turned a Real Story Into Bogus Fiction.” -Newsday

“Given the abundance of one-dimensional human portrayals, it becomes apparent that a documentary on the subject might have been more powerful.” -USA Today

Other critics warmed to the film with its inspirational message-

“Big Miracle is not one of those whale tales that leaves the audience blubbering, but it’s open to the allure of the imposing creatures, which resemble long boulders that have come to life.” -Globe and Mail

“Cold War-era bonding over whales? It would sound utterly absurd if it weren’t based on fact. And that’s part of what makes this movie fun for adults.” -The Washington Post

Whether the critics agree or not on the films substance, one this is quite clear– Big Miracle showcases that everyone does love whales.

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