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Following in the footsteps of the late Princess Diana, Kate Middleton recently took some time out to visit recovering addicts in an Action on Addiction treatment center. The group, which recently announced the Duchess’ patronage, aims to help people with a range of addictions at its treatment centers across England. It also supports their families, commissions research and trains people to be addictions counselors.

During her visit, the Duchess met with patients and staff of the facility, where many addicts go through detox and subsequently enter a 12 step program to recovery.

Chief Executive of the organization, Nick Barton, was quoted as saying, “It is a great honor for the Charity that Her Royal Highness has chosen to become our patron. We are very grateful to the Duchess whose support will enable us to keep the issue of addiction in the spotlight. Addiction is a consuming condition that results in a great deal of harm to individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. Yet, it is not always well understood or responded to effectively. We are thrilled that the Duchess will be supporting us in our mission to free people from addiction and its effects.”

The new royal has been putting her time to good use while husband Prince William is serving in the Faulkland Islands. As part of her role as the Duchess of Cambridge, Middleton has not only announced her support for Action on Addiction but also for three other groups: the National Portrait Gallery, a children’s hospice organization, and the Art Room. She has also elected to be a volunteer with the Scout Association.

Her support of the art organizations comes as no surprise, since she studied Art History during her time at St. Andrews. Her other choices have been noted to echo those of Princess Diana, who worked on behalf of AIDS patients and groups that secured civilian safety in countries affected by war.

The next step for Middleton is a visit to “The Brink”, a dry bar run by Action on Addiction. The bar, which opened six months ago in Liverpool, is alcohol-free and provides not only food, drinks, and entertainment to customers, but also hosts areas dedicated to alcohol counseling.

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