Kellan Lutz asks for donations to PETA for animal rescue van
by Jennifer Mishler
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‘Twilight’ star Kellan Lutz has lent his support to PETA before, appearing in one of their ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ campaign ads along with his rescue dog, Kola.

Lutz is now helping to raise donations for a new PETA rescue van. The actor tweeted yesterday, “Hey Team, Check this out! Please join me and help! Love you all! K.” The Causes campaign is raising funds that PETA will use to replace one of their old Community Animal Project (CAP) vans.

The CAP project provides low to no-cost vet services like spay and neuter surgeries. PETA says “CAP vans are a lifeline for animals in need in southeastern Virginia and northern North Carolina (and occasionally in other regions as well), playing a critical role in helping more than 10,000 animals every year. But one of these rescue vehicles, which has already been driven many miles through impoverished urban neighborhoods and rural areas with no street signs, is about to hit a dead end.”

Donors to the campaign can help on a few different levels – $10 will help “transport doghouses, rescued animals and spay/neuter equipment,” $25 will help “transport animals to spay/neuter appointments,” and $50 will help “deliver doghouses.” For those who donate more, PETA says “Make a gift of $100 or more today, and as an expression of our appreciation for your dedication to helping animals, we’ll add your name to the vehicle as a way to honor your vital support.”

You can read more about what the CAP does here.

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  • Fla_girl80

    Ugh, PETA is the worst group to support.

    Do your research BEFORE you put your name and face behind something. Silly celebs.

    • Scott Brewer

      Have YOU even looked into PETA’s CAP programs? They are amazing. I’ve worked with them myself on many occasions in some of the most deplorable conditions. They are amazing people doing amazing work for incredibly neglected animals in need.

      PETA’s CAP is a great program that everyone should support.