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Since the Golden Globes, we’ve been following all the action that is this year’s Green Carpet Challenge; a sustainable/ethical tour de force launched several years ago by Livia Firth.

This year’s challenge has been expanded to include some of the largest names in the fashion world (Armani, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Valentino, etc.) which will not only elevate awareness of initiative, but also benefit charities such as Oxfam and the UN’s Fashion4Development.

So yea, we love it – and following the conversations on Twitter between Firth, her designers, and all of the fashion previews had been fun and easy using the #GreenCarpetChallenge hashtag.

And then they changed it to make it shorter…and it joined yet another conversation.

A much more serious and alarming one.

Sometime in late January, Firth and Co. decided to go from the original hashtag to the acronym #GCC – which would be fine, if it wasn’t already being used to communicate news about the Syrian uprising and other Middle East events.

#GCC has been used since late last year to represent the Gulf Cooperation Council, which is a political and economic union of the Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf. So instead of a narrow search looking for the latest in green fashion, you’re presented with thousands of daily tweets reporting such news as:

“early in morning #alwefaq militian burning tire near the police station in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7CN8RVmqAg&feature=youtu.be #rt4bahrain #hrw #bahrain #us #usa #uk #gcc”

“Ahmed Ramadan, the head of SNC Media Office, says #GCC countries will recognize the SNC as the sole representative of Syrian People soon”

“The EU s preparing for possible evacuation of its citizens fm Syria #turkey #gcc #egypt #syria”

All of this is just another important reminder to always be careful about the hashtags you choose to disseminate your initiative or campaign through Twitter. Checking first will guarantee that you’re not joining another conversation completely unrelated to yours.

But we’re here to help! The hashtag #GreenCC is wide open should the Green Carpet Challenge care to separate itself from world-changing events in the Middle East.

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