vegan bashing
by Jennifer Mishler
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ABC’s “What Would You Do” features different controversial scenarios acted out by participants to see what witnesses will do, sometimes with surprising results. The question being asked is: will most people intervene to help others?

Last night’s episode of the show featured a segment on vegan-bashing, according to This Dish Is Vegetarian. The scene takes place at Mason Jar Grill in New Jersey, where a vegan mother and daughter are sitting down for a meal. The two are actors along with the waitress and the couple who engage in the vegan-bashing.

As the mother tells the waitress that she and her daughter are vegan, the couple speaks up and says that the child “gets no protein” and that the mother is subjecting her to “child abuse” by raising her on a vegan diet. Others at the restaurant begin to react as the couple even orders the child a hot dog while the mother is gone in the bathroom.

ABC posted a poll on their website asking “Would you try to convince a vegan family to feed their child meat?” and with a vote total of 2468, a huge majority of 2049 said “No, I think vegan food is a healthy option for children.” Only 27 responded “Yes, children should eat both meat and dairy.”

Without even debating the benefits of a plant-based diet, I think it’s been pretty well-established that hot dogs are not a healthy option, right? And the diners agreed. People stood up to defend the little girl and her decision not to eat animals! It’s nice to know that most people won’t stand idly by to see a child get bullied into eating meat.

See the clip below.

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