Woody Harrelson channels Christian Bale's character from the Machinist for role in Rampart.
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Woody Harrelson has become a twisted cop in the movie “Rampart.” But to really get into the role, the vegan Hollywood star decided that he needed to channel fellow actor Christian Bale’s mentality during “The Machinist” and shed off some pounds.

Surprisingly, Harrelson thought his weight of 190lbs (he is 5ft 10in) was a little to hefty for the role of an unhinged Los Angeles Police Department officer.

While his goal was to bring his weight down to 150lbs, he ended up 10lbs shy of reaching it. He told New York Magazine, “One-sixty (pounds) was the glass floor. I couldn’t break it. I wanted to get to 150. I was thinking The Machinist – Christian Bale, you know – borderline anorexic.”

Bale dropped 60lbs in four months for his role as Trent Reznick in “The Machinist.” The dramatic weight loss was not under the direction of anyone on the set. Bale decided to go on a crash diet that included eating very little besides apples and a can of tuna a day and drinking lots of coffee for energy during the day. He only spoke to a nutritionist once during his crash diet and has made claims that he would never starve himself for a role again. He gained weight for his role in Batman and recently went on a completely different diet for “The Fighter” which included more exercise and way more nutritious foods than coffee, apples and cans of tuna.

Harrelson’s diet wasn’t an unhealthy one to begin with and his weight was on par with his height. He is a practicing ethical vegan and raw foodist. In the movie “Zombieland” Harrelson’s character was obsessed with eating Twinkies. He wasn’t eating the processed, packaged, really-bad-for-you Twinkies, however. He was actually eating vegan faux-Twinkies made from cornmeal.

He claims to have been stricter in his diet to lose the thirty pounds that he did for the role in “Rampart.” He hasn’t said exactly how much stricter his diet was or what foods made the difference in losing the weight.

Currently, the Natural Born Killer star is 25lbs closer to his pre-Rampart weight. He says that he owes the accidental weight gain to what he calls “rich living – you know, eating heavy foods and going on benders, blazing through Europe drinking wine.” His new weight will serve him well in his upcoming role as Haymitch Abernathy in the film adaption of “The Hunger Games.”

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