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Save the Children believes that no child should be born to die from hunger. Stephen Fry has joined forces with Save the Children’s newest campaign and issued a challenge to Prime Minister David Cameron via Twitter to “Name a Day.”

The “Name a Day” campaign is a push to urge the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to host a world hunger summit that will focus on making the global food system work for the millions of children who are going hungry.

Fry’s tweet reads, “There’s enough food in the world for everyone. You can help ensure the poorest children get their fair share #nameaday”

The challenges issued to Cameron are a follow-up to his efforts of last year. His leadership pushed the world to act on vaccines. Four million children’s lives by 2015 will be saved because of new investments in vaccines, more training for health workers and new equipment. Now, Save the Children is calling on the Prime Minister to use the same type of leadership he used to gain support for the vaccine crisis to draw attention to the world’s hunger crisis.

According to Save the Children, “In a world with food enough for everybody, 300 children die of malnutrition every hour of every single day.”

The children who don’t die of hunger are faced with other issues – malnutrition, lack of vitamins, more susceptibility to common illnesses that quickly become deadly for the malnourished.

Save the Children calls the hunger issue “scandalous” and according to the facts and statistics the issue is one that should raise public outrage. According to the World Food Programme, hunger is the number one killer in the world. More deaths occur from hunger than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

The “Name a Day” campaign will be ongoing until a world hunger summit is hosted. Those wishing to join the campaign can go to the website, pick a day and Save the Children will give you a task for the day you choose. There are five tasks ranging from tweeting a message to cooking a meal. All are in support of ending hunger and encouraging the world to step up and fight hunger.

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