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Photo: Flickr/BFS Man

We don’t want you to start your weekend feeling outrage, but unfortunately, that’s most likely what’s going to happen after you read this story.

The California division of the Humane Society of the United States just posted a picture of the golden state’s new Fish and Game commission president Dan Richards holding up a dead mountain lion. Since it’s illegal to shoot mountain lions in California, Richards traveled to Idaho to fulfill his blood thirst.

dan richards poses with dead mountain lion that he hunted and killed in idaho

As HSUS California points out, a mountain lion isn’t killed for food, but instead for sport.

So, how did the media get a hold of this smoking gun picture that will likely infuriate animal lovers everywhere? Richards gave it to them. The California Majority report says he sent it to the Western Outdoor News. The caption read, “Asked about California’s mountain lion moratorium, Richards didn’t hesitate. ‘I’m glad it’s legal in Idaho.'”

Richards doesn’t just stop at hunting mountain lions. He also attempts to derail efforts to protect animals. He opposed the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) and called Schwarzenegger “a forked-tongue devil” for supporting the law.

Perhaps since Richards so unabashedly opposes animal protection efforts, and takes pleasure in killing animals for sport, activists should do as HSUS suggests and unabashedly contact the California Fish and Game Commission and demand (politely) that Richards gets ousted from his position.

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  • Cheyla Daedulus

    Murderer – this man should not be in charge of any organization that involves animals!

    • MountainMan

      Get a life and stay the hell out of other peoples business. What the man did was perfectly legal. Mountain lions have to be controlled just like coyotes who kill ranchers cattle and sheep. Mountain lions prefer humans over beef. If one of those Mountain lines got a hold of your as you wouldn’t be so critical.

  • Heather

    I wonder how many predator hunters even bother to check for dens or cubs after they claim their “prize”? This is so wasteful and arrogant and utterly pointless that I can’t understand how the hell it’s still legal in 2012.

    • Blackdogd

      Heather, first of all this is a picture of Tom, yes, a male lion. Males do not raise cubs as you suggest above. Rather, they routinely kill them in an effort to force the female lion back into heat, yes, a “wasteful and arrogant and utterly poinless” killing on behalf of the Tom. The harvest of a Tom, in many cases, actually prevents the killing of innocent cubs. As it turns out, you owe the man a beer! He’s saving lives.

  • Jwurm

    Doesn’t the Fish and Game Commission involve hunting and fishing? Why wouldn’t a hunter be on the commission?

  • vomhit