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PCRM Tells Heart Attack Grill 'Shut It Down'

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The recent news that a diner suffered a heart attack while eating the ‘Triple Bypass Burger’ has not been good press for the Heart Attack Grill to say the least. This comes less than a year after Blair River, the Grill’s official spokesman, died at the age of 29.

Now, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is speaking out and asking the Heart Attack Grill to close up shop. The doctors at PCRM say the restaurant should declare “moral bankruptcy” after the recent heart attack.

PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard said, “Bypass surgery is no joke to anyone who has lost a loved one to heart disease. This latest emergency should be a wake-up call for the Heart Attack Grill. The restaurant should end its bizarre attempts to capitalize on obesity and clogged arteries and reopen with a new name and a new menu featuring heart-healthy vegan options.”

River died of pneumonia last year, but PCRM says that obesity greatly increase the risk of respiratory complications such as pneumonia. River was 575 pounds at the time of his death. They also point out that the Heart Attack Grill says they let anyone over 350 pounds eat for free.

According to PCRM, the average American eats more than 200 pounds of meat and 30 pounds of cheese a year. They say these high-fat and cholesterol foods contribute to the obesity affecting two-thirds of the population and the cardiovascular disease found in 80 million Americans.

The doctors also point out that vegetarian and vegan diets can help prevent (or reverse) heart disease and other conditions. PCRM provides a 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program to help people get started with a plant-based diet. The program is recommended by veg celebs like Alicia Silverstone who launced a kickstart last month.

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  • PCRM should mind their own business and butt out. Nobody is forced to patronize the Heart Attack Grill. Nobody is forced to eat anything they order at one sitting; they can request a take-out box or bag, just like at any other restaurant. The Heart Attack Grill isn’t making anyone sick, but the incessant encroachment on our liberties and rights by the Nanny State is causing a lot of needless stress that will end up killing millions.

  • Warlord878787

    I agree with zippy. I stopped taking this article seriously after they suggested heart attack grill turn into a vegan restaurant.

  • The way I see it, The name of the restaurant and the name of the names of the menu items are similar to warning labels on cigarette packs. In no way are clients being misled.

  • Neato!
  • Pheasance

    I’m so thankful PCRM exists, though I wonder why all physicians aren’t members. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would start a business like this.

  • ReMemberingAnimals

    I’m grateful for PCRM, and I’m grateful that Ecorazzi posted the information here. People who want this restaurant closed not only have a right to express their opinion, but they are also doing a public service by pointing out the dangers of this type of eating. I applaud PCRM and Ecorazzi!

  • Donna

    There is no need for such mean spirited comments. PCRM is trying to create a healthier world. Those of you who are determined to eat at places like this are on suicide missions – I guess that you prefer to defend that right rather than to examine what it all means not just to your own health but to the millions of animals who are slaughtered to satisfy your cravings. And by the way – nobody believes that you really read this column on a regular basis – we all know how google alerts work.

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