Family Guy mocks Japan's dolphin slaughter
by Ali Berman
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‘Family Guy’ consistently walks the line between funny and offensive, sometimes acting as both simultaneously. This week, the show featured Ricky Gervais as an annoying dolphin who becomes an unwelcome house guest at the Griffin residence.

During the episode, in typical short random clip fashion, Tricia Takanawa knocks on the door with a harpoon in hand and tells Peter that she would like to kill the dolphin house guest.

We then zoom in on Takanawa and hear a voice fit for a 1950’s cartoon that says, “Japan! They kill things that we like!”

Oh yes. They did. However, as cutting as that sounds, the dig isn’t just at Japan’s dolphin slaughter. The fact that the writers say that they kill things that “we like” points to an understanding that Americans mostly only defend the killing of animals that they think are cute or smart or have some other endearing quality. Most don’t, for example, make a stink about the 10 billion farm animals that die each year.

So, Americans can’t get too smug or superior. That swipe was at us just as much as it was about Japan.

See the clip below…

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  • Max Kelleher

    Well they many don’t make such a stink about many farm animals because most farm animals don’t have the same self-awareness, social behavior, empathetic responses etc, so it’s more difficult to see why we should afford them similar moral status to our own.

    • Jackz34

      Max that isn’t true pigs are very smart , they have been tested to be smarter than dogs and align with a 4 year olds intelligence! Also as humans if we want to be these superior beings shouldn’t we then show what we consider lesser creatures more respect and keep them from pain inflicted from humans? From what I’ve seen there is a lot of humans who aren’t even as smart as pigs!