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Voiceless, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting Australia’s factory farm and kangaroo industries, has announced two television ads that will shed light on the lives of farmed animals.

In a press release, Voiceless said that the ads focus on Australia’s chicken and pig production. Actors Hugo Weaving and Abbie Cornish, Voiceless Ambassadors, provided the narration.

“The Matrix” star said about the issue, “This year 10 billion animals worldwide and 500 million in Australia will suffer lives of pain and distress in factory farms. If I treated a dog the way pigs and chickens are treated on these farms, I’d likely be prosecuted.”

The ads reveal cruelty such as pregnant pigs kept in tiny stalls, and chickens crammed into small sheds housing 60,000 of the injured birds (both standard practices here in the United States as well).

The campaign, called “Factory Farming: the truth is hard to swallow,” was started by Dr. Charlie Teo. “I wanted to help Voiceless talk to consumers through the captivating language of film and help to lift the veil of secrecy that hides factory farming.” Voiceless is also using street posters in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to raise awareness.

Sherman says, “We are not out to shock people with these ads. We simply want the Australian public to think about where their food comes from, and to look further into factory farming.” Voiceless CEO Dana Campbell adds “Ultimately, each of us must respond to animal cruelty in our own way and the response is often a journey, where the starting point is learning the truth that lies behind your fork.”

Voiceless says Australia is behind the European Union in terms of the conditions for animals on factory farms, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Campbell says she hopes the ads will get people emotional and to direct their emotions at politicians with the power to make change. “We all know how politics works; it’s not going to go anywhere unless politicians know there are votes behind those opinions,” she said.

Check out one of the eye-opening ads below, featuring diners that pick a pig for dinner straight from a factory farm. Another features an autopsy of a factory farmed chicken.

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    über powerful ad.