Microist Day on March 20, 2012
by Rebecca Carter
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On March 20, 2012, Ecorazzi will be holding our first Microist Day and we’d like you to join us! By donating our social media status/updates on one day, together we will be able to call attention to a deserving charity or cause.

Microist: A micro-activist. A person who uses their influence to promote a good cause.

What is a Microist Day?

On a specified day, Ecorazzi will dedicate our social media presence to a selected charity or cause. We are forming a team of individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses that would like to join together to use our collective influence to make an impact.

UPDATE: See our latest participants, goals, and resources for Microist Day!


Who will participate:

Ecorazzi has committed to donating our social media presence for one day. We have a great following across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube and can’t wait to spread the news to our network.

You are also an influencer. Each of use has influence over our own friends, family, co-workers, and social networks. We’d like you to share that influence for a good cause. We’ll provide you with all of the information and suggested statuses, but in the end, it’s entirely up to you on how you help spread the message.

When is the first Microist Day?

Our first Microist Day is March 20, 2012 benefiting Water.org. More details to follow.

Where will Microist take place?

We’ll be spreading the word about the good cause through our website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. We will provide all participants with appropriate materials to spread the word across your own social network…any one that you choose…even if it’s MySpace!

Why is Ecorazzi doing this? 

Our goal with Microist is to bring attention to a good cause and/or organization. These organizations work hard to spread the word about their important causes. We want to lend a hand and spread the message to our network, as well. Hopefully we can help reach some new eyes in the process.

How do I get involved?

Glad you asked! Please sign up below to join us in spreading the good word. We’ll contact you with more details as the date of our first Microist Day approaches. PS: You’ll never be required to participate, but this way, you’ll be sure to stay informed of this and future Microist campaigns.

How can my favorite cause or organization benefit from a future Microist Day?

We will give participants a chance to submit ideas for future Microist Days. Sign up to join us and we’ll keep you informed!

How can my business get exposure from participating in Microist?

We are working on ways to give visibility to businesses and organizations that wish to commit to participating in Microist Day. If you’d like to discuss this further, please Contact Us.
Did you know that Microist has it’s own Facebook and Twitter accounts? Well, now you do.

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