Carrie Underwood talks about her vegan diet, fashion and staying fit
by Jennifer Mishler
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Carrie Underwood is a busy lady. From her music career to rescuing dogs off the side of the highway, the singer certainly has a full plate.  But, she does have some down time and recently opened up her days off, fashion, how she stays fit and her vegan diet.

Underwood said that with her hectic career, it’s important to take time to herself, according to The Boot. “My life can get pretty crazy at times. I try to make sure I get a little ‘me time’ on a daily basis. Whether it’s that hour in the morning when I get to work out, getting a pedicure, or just getting to spend some alone time with my husband, every day should have a time that’s just for me,” she said.

She adds that she doesn’t spend loads of time getting glamorous on her days off too. “I don’t want to spend my days off getting ready for life, so when getting ready, the quicker, the better! I try to get a good night’s sleep, work out, shower, throw some quick makeup on, take a quick curling iron to my hair, and off we go!”

The singer says her fashion idols keep it beautiful but simple, “My style icons are people like Charlize Theron and Reese Witherspoon. They are beautiful, but in a natural way. They look like they take care of themselves but don’t do anything too crazy. They always look and act classy. I always just try to choose clothes that I feel good in. I really don’t focus on what the reviews will be, whether they are rave or not. I just want to feel good about myself.”

Underwood, who went vegan for health reasons, says her plant-based diet is a big part of her staying in shape. “I do my best to eat healthy and work out. I am a vegan, so that certainly helps. It’s hard to be vegan and not stay pretty lean.” She sticks to healthy snacks and avoids eating at restaurants when possible. “I eat almonds, apples, dried fruit (with no added sugar … [I] don’t understand why they add sugar to fruit), raw fruit and nut bars, maybe a few squares of super dark chocolate, and veggies and hummus…I am such a label reader and always take my food with me everywhere. Eating out is a definite diet sabotage and most of the time, it’s hard for me to find quick food to eat, so I always make my own food ahead of time and take it with me. That way, I know exactly what’s in it and I can still stay healthy and satisfied when I’m working.”

So what does she think she still needs to improve? “As far as posture goes, I could certainly work on that. It’s easy to stand up straight when I know the camera is pointed at me, but I will see pictures of myself when I’m caught off-guard and realize how slumped over I am. My mother used to remind me to stand up straight … I need her here now to keep reminding me!” she said.

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