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Lucy Lawless is best known for her role as a fierce warrior princess, but she is quickly being noted for her role as a Greenpeace warrior. She was just arrested for climbing atop a tower on the Shell-contracted oil tanker Noble Discovery in New Zealand to prevent the ship from heading to the Arctic. After four days aboard the ship, Lawless and five other Greenpeace activists were arrested by police who charged the environmental activists with unlawfully boarding a ship.

Lawless has dubbed the ship “Ignoble Destroyer” in a blog post she wrote while atop the tower. The ship would be spearheading Shell’s move to drill in the Arctic. Lawless and other Greenpeace activists see the act of drilling in the Arctic as a threat to all of humanity.

She says in her blog post, “Clearly in a cost/benefit analysis, Shell reckons that an Arctic spill is an acceptable risk to them. But make no mistake, due to the harshness and remoteness of the Arctic environment, an oil spill up there will make the Gulf of Mexico look like a children’s party. An oil spill under the ice could rage for years before they could cap it. The plankton that prop up the whole ecosystem would die and the ripple effect would be heinous.”

According to the Associated Press, after the arrest of the Greenpeace activists Ron Jager, Chairman of Shell New Zealand, claimed he was disappointed in Greenpeace for not taking up the company’s offer of “productive conversation.”

The ship will be leaving port in a few days and heading to the Arctic as previously planned. If a spill were to happen in the Arctic the consequences would be devastating. According to a Pew Environment Group commissioned report on Oil Spill Prevention and Response in the U.S. Arctic Ocean, “the U.S. Government and the industry have underestimated the risks of catastrophic blowout.”

Lawless told the AP while still aboard the oil-ship, “I’ve got three kids. My sole biological reason for being on this planet is to ensure that they can flourish, and they can’t do that in a filthy, degraded environment. We need to stand up while we still can.”

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