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World's Oldest Tree The SenatorWorld's Oldest Tree The Senator

Meth-Smoking Woman Burns Down 3,500-year-old Tree

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Have you heard the one about the tree that survived over 3,500 year of everything the planet could throw its way only to succumb to the idiocy of a woman smoking meth inside it? Oh boy.

The Senator, a 125-feet pond cypress, the 5th oldest tree in the world, met its end on January 16, 2012 after flames were seen shooting out “like a chimney”. Firefighters helplessly watched as the tree collapsed; ending an amazing life and puzzling investigators. Was it lightning? Arson? Or a meth-smoking idiot?

Meet 26-year-old Sarah Barnes.

“Police say she and a friend clambered into a 118-foot-tall bald cypress Jan. 16 and allegedly smoked meth,” reports the AJC. “Since it was dark, Barnes allegedly lit a fire so she could see.”

“Somehow, the calm, dextrous hands of a meth user led to a blaze that burned the 3,500-year-old plant ‘from the inside out.'”

According to Florida WFTV News, agents said Barnes took pictures of the fire and downloaded the images to her cellphone and computer. Officials said she showed people the images, and said “I can’t believe I burned down a tree older then [sic] Jesus.”

Well done, humanity.


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  • Sheryl Bottner

    That’s how the Senator was killed? Now I’m even angrier.

  • joe filosa jr

    i like how the town of longwood tried to cover up this story. see this is why you should stick to weed, potheads have respect for the environment, i guess meth addicts do not.

    our grandkids grandkids will be long gone by the time another cypress grows this big. sad day for all tree lovers.

  • http://xeeme.com/KyleQuandel Kyle Quandel

    Sicking display of humanity on meth. Well done, indeed :(

  • Green GreenJoyment

    Of all the places to smoke meth, why there? She’s insane. I guess meth does that. *Sigh*

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

  • weeping willow

    she should be burned for 3,500 hours

  • http://twitter.com/Winafish Remy Chevalier

    She should be forced to give 5% of all her earnings for the rest of her life to Earth First!

  • G287950

    wow…26, really?

  • Joesolo

    PLEASE tell me theres a law against this. She needs prison time.

  • http://www.hitherandyon.com/ Hither and Yon

    This is a contender for the most depressing story of the week/month/year so far..


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