2012 Oscar swag bags included eco-friendly and organic gifts like non-toxic pet cleaning products from earthpawz
by Allyson Koerner
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For those nominees who went home without a golden statue on Sunday at the 84th Academy Awards, they technically didn’t go home empty-handed. This year, nominees in the major categories walked away with the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars®” gift baskets that contained organic, vegan and charitable items worth $62,023.26. Here are just some of the products Brad Pitt, Viola Davis, Martin Scorsese and Melissa McCarthy marched home with.

We all know how much Hollywood loves their animals, especially Oscar nominees like George Clooney, who adopted an adorable rescue pup, and Glenn Close who is a huge supporter for the ASPCA.

Well, the gift bags sure did cater to the noms charitable and environmental needs, as they received eco-friendly pet gift sets from earthpawz, a company that provides 100 percent all-natural cleaning products for doggie messes. Celebs can now keep their pets safe and homes clean with $120 worth of great safe and non-toxic floor, window and all purpose cleaners.

Actors and actress don’t walk the red carpet without looking their best, so to keep celebs looking and smelling great, they were given a variety of products from Organic Soap and Spa worth $2,400.

Each nominee will receive different chemical-free items up to one year (valued at $200 each month). At the awards show, each celeb was even assigned their own personal concierge to help them select spa formulas, soaps, body butters and many other soothing body products. This way nominee’s could take home what they liked and needed.

The swag bags also gave away the initiative to help fight testicular cancer. Thanks to BigRoundBalls, Inc. a blue rubber bracelet reading “It Takes Balls to Fight Cancer,” was included, encouraging others to take a stand. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to raising awareness about the disease.

Other items stars walked away with included vegan certified and cruelty-free makeup brushes from Darci by Di Caprio Cosmetics, nourishing and organic skincare products from Eminence and eco-friendly, reusable kitchen products from Essential Safe Products.

They sure did make out! What would you rather take home, an Oscar or gifts worth over $60,000?

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