Donald Trump fighting Scottish wind turbines
by Michael dEstries
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Did you know that there are Facebook groups with titles like “Donald Trump is a Douchebag” and “Donald Trump is a Blowhard“? With over 800 and 24 members respectively, it’s clear were the consensus lies. And in light of recent news, we can expect membership in both to jump significantly.

Just ask some residents of Aberdeenshire Bay, Scotland.

For years now, folks have had to deal with Trump and his hotel and golf development construction in the pristine natural area. As the Daily Mail points out, locals campaigned in vain to save the sand dunes – home to numerous species of wading birds and wildlife – “but they were finally bulldozed to make way for the fairways.”

Now Trump and his piggy bank are fighting a new battle – one that would seek to prevent Scotland from installing 11 wind turbines off the Aberdeenshire coast – and anywhere else in the country. The turbines are part of Scotland’s plans to meet 100 percent of its electricity needs with renewables by 2020.

You see, he’s really concerned how they’ll impact the view from his 1,200 acre resort. So concerned, that he’s put construction plans on hold. The “Apprentice” host has previously called the turbines “ugly monstrosities” and “horrendous machines”.

Trump Organisation managing director George Sorial, who will meet with a group opposing the turbines Thursday, recently told the Herald that he’s very worried about the impact the turbines would have on the sport of golf. No really. He’s serious.

“All the great links golf courses, that people from all over the world have enjoyed for centuries, are now being threatened,” he said.

That’s right everyone. Our efforts to create a cleaner energy future are threatening the survival of people who hit balls into holes in their spare time. Oh. The. Horror.

What makes this whole circle-jerk even richer is the addition of a letter Trump wrote earlier this month to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond calling the wind plan “disastrous and environmentally irresponsible.”

“With the reckless installation of these monsters,” he writes, “you will single-handedly have done more damage to Scotland than any event in Scottish history!”

Now, I really have to believe that Trump doesn’t actually believe the bullshit he’s spouting – I mean, seriously, he’s really going to wave the flag that he’s a champion of the environment? Naaaah.

Anyways, according to Trump Jr., Trump Sr. is prepared to spend over $15M to support anti-wind farm groups and oppose plans all across Scotland. Naturally, this is pissing off those that have worked for a long time to see clean energy become a reality.

Gordon Edge, director of policy at RenewableUK, told the Sunday Times: “It’s astonishing that an American multi-billionaire feels he’s entitled to circumvent the democratically decided policy of the Scottish and UK governments by supporting a shrill anti-wind minority, just because he might have to see a few wind turbines from his golf course.”

Astonishing? Yes. Surprising? No. Just another crushing moment in the sad, angry, and disillusioned world that is Planet Trump.

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