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Reviews of the LoraxReviews of the Lorax

'The Lorax' Reviews Are A Mixed Bag

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We’ve been excited to see the animated version of the Dr. Seuss classic “The Lorax” ever since we first wrote about its development in 2009. As Wikipedia so nicely summarizes, the story “chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler.”

And then we saw the trailer – which appeared to diverge a bit from the Seuss story. And of course, there was some hesitation with Danny DeVito as the voice of the Lorax. But hey – at least they’d get the environmental message down, right? Right!? Damnit.

Here is a brief round-up reviews for the film; which opens nationwide today.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is, for the most part, a terminally underwhelming animated endeavor that ultimately does a disservice to its literary predecessor (eg Ted’s interest in saving the environment lies solely in his hopes for impressing a girl).”
David Nusair 

Well … its heart’s in the right place. Give the filmmakers that.
This isn’t The Grinch or The Cat in the Hat.
It’s not outright ugly, though it slips off the rails.
It wants to be decent. It tries. But it fails.
Steven Greydanus 

“It’s not that it’s a dreadful cartoon. It just feels like every other middling cartoon. (If you want to appreciate how good Pixar and Dreamworks can be, sit through some animated movies they didn’t make.)”
Stephen Whitty 

“Which all means that conservative pundit Lou Dobbs is correct, this movie is trying to hook kids on environmentalism. And more power to it. It’s frankly refreshing to see an animated family film take a clear side on an issue that affects every living creature on the planet instead of conceding that both sides have equivalent points to make.”
Dave White 

If you’ve seen the film, let us know what you thought below!

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  • Jacqueline Domac, MDR

    saw an advance screening last night and LOVED it!

  • Srust

    Lord knows I tried to love it; I wanted to love it; and maybe if I hadn’t seen 90 Mazda Ads, the Lorax selling IHOP, Target, and even on NBC’s reality show “The Voice” I could have loved it. But oh those songs … even my 10 year old was cringing by the end of this thing – not quite a failure but oh so close.

  • Ladyhthr50

    Took my grandchildren to see this….if I had known the blantant evionmental brain-washing that this so called movie is we would not have gone. “Capitalism” is evil, even to the the sign that says “Too Big to Fail”! Anyone heard that phrase before…..can we say Wall Street bail-outs”? I have never been so horrified at the progressive environmentalists using Dr Suess to brain-wash our children, parents be warned: Watch what your children are watching they are being told that the principals that made this country great are evil and bad!

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