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Edward Norton fans have had a lot to talk about over the past few weeks. The star, who has been largely absent from the big screen since 2010’s “Stone”, appeared in several segments during last Sunday’s Academy Awards and has now filmed a PSA in support of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance.

The coalition has started an online petition to advocate for the creation of the largest no-take marine reserve on the planet. The reserve would be established on and around the Antarctic continent and would mandate that international government policies prevent human interference with the area’s habitats and wildlife. Specifically, fishing and industrial activity in the surrounding oceans would be banned.

According to the PSA, the Antarctic Ocean has become especially attractive to industrial fishers because the waters are relatively untouched and so are home to large quantities of fish that no longer exist in more populated areas.

As the UN Biodiversity Ambassador, Norton brings quite a bit of notoriety and authority to the initiative. In the PSA, the actor urges fans to join the cause saying, “Everything that our lives and are civilations are built on rely on healthy ecosystems in the planet.”

Given the fact that there is an upcoming international gathering of 25 nations, which will decide the fate of Antarctica’s Oceans, Norton expresses how urgent it is for people to act now.

“You can send a clear signal,” he says, “that millions and millions of people are watching this process, don’t let us down. I’m going to be watching, join the watch.”

The “Fight Club” star isn’t the only celeb to have added his name to the petition, Richard Branson, Charmain of Virgin Group and famous oceanographer Sylvia Earle are both on board. The campaign also partners with many other environmental advocacy groups including Oceana, Greenpeace, and the World Wildlife Fund.

For more information about the petition and the cause, visit www.antarcticocean.org, and check out the full PSA below!

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