Thousands sign petition asking Amazon to permanently ban sales of dolphin and whale meat
by Jennifer Mishler
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Recently, the news broke that a site owned by, in Japan, was illegally selling whale meat. The massive public outrage in response caused Amazon to remove the items from their site.

Many animal advocates and conservationists are telling Amazon that they haven’t gotten far enough yet, though. A petition has been started demanding that the company establishes a policy permanently banning the sale of dolphin and whale meat. Melissa Sehgal is currently in Japan as a Cove Guardian documenting the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji as well as their capture for captivity. She started the petition that has gathered over 123,000 signatures from around the world.

Sehgal writes, “In just a few weeks in Taiji, Japan, I have witnessed unimaginable cruelty and bloodshed. The film The Cove is horrifying, and even though I’ve been here before, I can never fully prepare for what I am witnessing: the slaughter and mutilation of hundreds of dolphins.” The report written by the Environmental Investigation Agency on the items for sale on Amazon indicated that some of the meat had come from the drive hunts in Taiji, as well as whales taken from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and several endangered or protected species.

“Quietly pulling those products from their site is not enough. It’s time for to put a permanent ban on whale, dolphin, and porpoise meat in place. I know that not everyone can come to Japan to join me to speak out for dolphins and whales, but together we can convince Amazon to permanently stop selling all whale, dolphin, and porpoise products. If Amazon–the largest online retailer in the world–were to adopt a policy like this, it would send a clear message to the world,” Sehgal adds.

Amazon has yet to respond, but over 100,000 people and bad press around the globe are hard to ignore.

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    You can only find truth with logic if you have already found truth without it

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Amazon is limiting its public response on this due to potential legal issues. Amazon is a US company, including its Japan website. It is illegal for anyone under the jurisdiction of the USA to possess, transport, or sell marine mammal products. Amazon may be facing charges.

  • Green GreenJoyment

    I’m out of words to express myself on this matter. I’d just head on over and sign the petition. For shame Amazon, for shame.

    Juan Miguel Ruiz