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Katy Perry sends photo of half-eaten Big Mac to vegan ex-husband Russell BrandKaty Perry sends photo of half-eaten Big Mac to vegan ex-husband Russell Brand

Katy Perry Taunts Russell Brand with Big Mac?

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Do we sense an ex-lover’s spat? Well, that’s what’s supposedly (read: take with a grain of salt) happening between Katy Perry and ex-husband Russell Brand.

Even though the couple has already divorced after 14-months of marriage, Perry seems to be getting back at Brand by sending him a picture of a half-eaten Big Mac.

As most know, Brand is a strict vegan and was even named PETA’s 2011 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities, alongside funny gal Kristen Wiig. Apparently, sources have revealed Perry was never happy living a vegan lifestyle and “refused to go along with it.” While married, the 36-year-old actor and comedian would cook Perry vegan meals and tried to convert her. She wanted nothing do with veganism, and now she’s getting revenge.

While out having drinks with friends, the 27-year-old singer sent some texts to Brand and to get his attention sent the photo of the sandwich with a caption reading “Mmmmm, tasty.”

Brand didn’t take this lightly and responded with a not so nice four-letter word. You can use your imagination.

In addition to Brand’s veganism, reportedly Perry was not happy when her former husband filed for divorce without warning, even though they mutually agreed to the separation.

It doesn’t seem like the two will settle their quarrels anytime soon.

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  • Why didn’t she just send him a picture of herself cutting a cat’s throat? That would have really gotten on his nerves! Instead she lets someone else do the hard part.

  • Dmitry

    The caption shoud have read: I have just participated in the killing of 50 animals (1 burger is a mix of 100 cows).

  • Jimskin

    I think the joke is on her . Isn’t the meat composition of a Big Mac largely “pink slime” a by product that ten years ago wasn’t even considered fit for human consumption.

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