Richard Branson Step and Repeat
by Erica Evans
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Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group and nemesis of Stephen Colbert, is on his way to Canada to help WildAid defend polar bears and sharks.

Early Tuesday morning, the billionaire tweeted, “Headed to Canada to help @WildAid get the bills passed to protect polar bears…” continuing, “…and get a blanket ban on the killing of sharks for shark fin soup.”

Branson will be in Canada to appear at a news conference held by the organization, where he will call on the country’s business and government leaders to institute policies to protect one of the nation’s most threatened species, polar bears, and make progress on a shark fin ban. The conference follows several other appearances the entrepreneur has made on behalf of the group, including visits to China and India.

According to WildAid’s website, roughly two-thirds of the world’s polar bears live in Canada, where loss of polar ice is drastically reducing the population and threatens the species with extinction within the next 20 to 30 years.

They also note that an estimated 73 million sharks per year are killed for shark fin soup. Several states in the U.S. have already proposed bans, including New York, Maryland, Illinois, and Virginia. The Shangri-La hotel group, which has over 72 luxury hotels all over the world, also recently announced that they would ban shark-fins from their menus.

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  • Lenmeister Drumington


    Conservation needs to be about real issues, not photo-ops for celebrities who want to service their public image.