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EXCLUSIVE: Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse Talk Eco-Living

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We had the opportunity to chat with eco-powerhouse Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse while they were on set promoting the new Schick® Xtreme3® Eco™, an eco razor made from 100% recycled plastic and packaged in 100% post consumer paper.

The green duo talked to us about their eco-habits at home, favorite designers, local foods and more. Check out the video or the text below for the full scoop.

Both of you were already environmentalists when you met, but there is always more that can be done. Were there any green habits or tricks you learned from one another once you moved in together?

Amy Smart: I have to say, living with him, he uses reclaimed materials a ton. He always finds a way to repurpose anything that could be trashed. So that’s inspired me to be more eco in that way.

Carter Oosterhouse: We’ve learned a ton of stuff from each other. Whether it’s like making sure, you know, you’re taking your hangers back to the dry cleaners and not tossing those out. Making sure that you’re using eco-friendly cleaning products, not just in the bathroom but throughout the entire home.

Amy Smart: Even buying furniture, a lot of them are like FSC certified wood and different kind of materials that are more eco. Or bamboo.

Carter Oosterhouse: Yeah, I mean a lot of furniture is FSC and that’s great. I mean if you can look for the FSC seal, perfect. If you can use pieces that are maybe, they’re hip and the trend right now is to be rustic, is to be vintage. It’s really in right now and it looks really cool.

Do you incorporate eco-friendly foods into your diet?

Amy Smart: We definitely incorporate a lot of eco-friendly foods into our diet.  I mean, I like to shop at farmers markets, get local produce, buy organic because when you buy organic you’re not contributing to all the pesticides and herbicides that get into the water table. It also is like you’re donating to the environment as well. So I think it’s super important to start, you know, on a food level to eat consciously as well as meat and dairy, you know, eating organic.

How about clothes? Any favorite green designers?

Amy Smart: As far as green designers and clothes, you know American Apparel started making an organic line which is pretty mainstream and it’s great because it’s made in America. They’re really on the rise. It’s inspiring to see green fashion. Well recently, we’re also talking with Livia Firth, Colin Firth’s wife who is taking the green carpet challenge during awards season and getting different A-list actresses to wear eco-clothing on the red carpet which is again getting all the designers to start going green. Stella McCartney is a vegan designer which is pretty inspiring. And of course, all kinds of fashion you want your legs to be nice and shaved so you want to use an eco razor, and your arm pits.

Carter Oosterhouse: That’s really well said.

If you could change one thing about the way people live and get them to adopt an eco-friendly habit, what would it be?

Amy Smart: If I could get people to change one thing in their life about the way they live and make them adopt an eco-friendly habit, I would say that using reusable products as much as possible, whether it’s reusable bags or reusable water bottles.  And if you do have plastics in your life that you’re using, it’s so important to recycle them. As you can see with this great eco razor, it’s all 100% recycled plastic, so it’s repurposed which is so important.

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