A very pregnant Jessica Simpson appeared on “The Ellen Show” yesterday where she and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres discussed a range of topics including vegan faux meat product gardein.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with gardein, it’s a company that offers plant-based meat products made from healthy ingredients like soy, vegetables and white and pea proteins. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy the taste of meat knowing animals were not harmed in the process.

Unlike DeGeneres, an avid vegan, Simpson did not express her excitement over gardein.
The lovely host that DeGeneres is, she provided a variety of snacks for Simpson to help satisfy her cravings. The 31-year-old singer and fashion designer munched on an onion ring, while she perused the food options. Don’t worry. All the food was vegan.

Specifically, Simpson has been craving Tex-Mex, which DeGeneres provided. “It’s the Tex-Mex that you don’t really go to, right?,” Simpson asked.

“I can do salsa and guacamole,” DeGeneres answered.

“But not the ground beef. The good stuff,” Simpson said.

“They actually make really good stuff that tastes just like beef called gardein and it tastes exactly like it,” DeGeneres explained.

However, Simpson does not find fake meat tastes like the real thing, but DeGeneres is going to try and change her opinion. The talk show host said, “You have not had gardein. I’m going to send you some OK? I promise I will.”

Maybe when Simpson receives her free sample of gardein she’ll change her mind and eating habits.

Simpson is engaged and pregnant to NFL football player Eric Johnson. Their baby is due in a few weeks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.manahan Daniel Manahan

    This is the asshole who wore a t-shirt which said ‘Real Girls Eat Meat’

    who the fuck are we kidding? she is no better than Michael Vick.