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Kristin Chenoweth joins NYCLASS' campaign to ban NYC's horse carriagesKristin Chenoweth joins NYCLASS' campaign to ban NYC's horse carriages

Kristin Chenoweth Backs Campaign to Ban NYC Horse Carriages

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Animal advocates and organizations are calling for an end to New York City’s carriage horse industry. There have been several recent incidents in which carriage horses suffered serious accidents or death. Celebs have joined in the cause, and among the most vocal has been Lea Michele who is working with both NYCLASS and PETA to ban the carriages.

Now another celeb has joined Michele. According to Contactmusic, Kristin Chenoweth is lending her support to the campaign. After seeing carriage horses in the city, the actress, singer and Michele’s “Glee” co-star tweeted, “What can do about gettin (sic) the horse carriages stopped in Central Park. Just walked by.” She added “The horses are Miserable. The horses take ‘rests’ on each Foot. Who controls this? I call abuse.”

When NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable and Safe Streets) spotted Chenoweth’s tweet, they reached out and asked her to join them to help the horses. The organization asked her to sign their petition and co-sign Anjelica Huston’s letter to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. She tweeted back, “NYCLASS, I’m with you.”

“Today Ms. Chenoweth proved that her grace goes far beyond the screen,” said NYCLASS Executive Director Carly Marie Knudson. Chenoweth, Michele and Huston are also joined by Debra Messing, Kathy Najimy and Pamela Anderson who have all supported the campaign to ban New York’s horse carriages. NYCLASS is promoting the use of a horseless carriage alternative.

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  • Kayak21

    Wow the ignorance of horses shows, – ‘The horses take ‘rests’ on each Foot.”, not sure abotu this comment but it is completely NORMAL for horses to shift weight while resting, this is NOT a sign of abuse.

  • Frank

    If the proposition that NYCLASS is sponsoring were to pass how would the @220 horses be supported? The proposition calls for these horse to be taken from their owners and they can only go to sanctuaries where they will never be ridden or driven again. Where is the financial plan to support these horse for the rest of their lives (lifespans today because of vet care can easily extend from late twenties into the thirties)? Who is going to pay for:

    1) Annual Vet care (health checks, spring/fall shots, dental,etc).
    2) Emergency Vet Care – injuries, cuts, illnesses, etc.
    3) Farrier (Even a barefoot horse must be shod on average between four to six weeks depending on the horse and season)
    4) Feed
    5) Hay (even a field used for forage MUST be maintained)
    6) Supplements – depending on the horses needs
    7) Fly management (depending on the facility where they live , could be spray, boots, masks, etc..)
    8) Board — has some organization volunteered to house these horses? Per the NYCLASS proposition they will become permanent residents, where most sanctuaries are already overloaded.
    9) Daily Grooming (while this may seem insignificant, for a horses health they should be groomed on a routine basis, full inspection of coat, feet, etc..)
    10) Blankets – depending on the area could easily include heavy weight, light weight, fly sheet, etc..

    The list goes on and on — none of this has been addressed by NYCLASS or the ASPCA.

  • Donwanna Behere

    She is such a hypocrite. She sang at the Breeder’s Cup two years in a row. Horse racing is fine, but healthy, safe working horses pulling carriages isn’t?


    Chenoweth is just another uninformed hypocrite. She has performed at the Breeder’s Cup Horse Racing event several times but slanders one of the most highly regulated businesses in NYC. The attempted horse carriage ban in NYC is all about acquiring expensive horse stable properties, not about imagined and well-funded tales of horse abuse.

  • Susan

    What a hypocrite. She sang The Best is Yet To Come at the Breeders Cup (horse racing). Isn’t horse racing “work” and doesn’t the owner “make money off the horse”? Because horse racing is a place to showcase HERSELF, that is an OK place but working a blue collar carriage job is not, because it is not “all about her”?

  • kasualobserver

    hey bimbolina maybe you need to get a better education on horses before spouting your concerns that nyclass and the other anti carriage people give you to read and repeat. and btw.. the horse control which foot it rests, so i guess it’s abusing itself?? also, what recent incidents of injury or death of the nyc horses? you all need to start reading more current news instead of recycling OLD news.

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