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Schoolboys use handpump in midst of water crisis and World Water DaySchoolboys use handpump in midst of water crisis and World Water Day

A Look Inside the Water Crisis

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This Thursday isn’t your ordinary day, but a special day known as World Water Day. Today, billions are facing a global water crisis, and on March 22 we can unite as one by lending a hand to those in need. According to WaterDay.org, “one out of every eight people worldwide lacks safe drinking water and two out of every five people lack adequate sanitation.” Not everyone can be as lucky as we are in the United States to have easy access to clean, safe water. In recognition of World Water Day, we are holding our first Microist Day to benefit Water.org and those affected by this devastation. For a look inside the water crisis, here is a gallery of inspiring, astonishing and humbling images.

Drinking Safe Water

For most of us, not having access to clean drinking water is something that never crosses our minds. However, in countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia and Haiti it’s something they deal with daily. Today, “one child dies from a water related disease every 20 seconds,” which is an astonishing number. By lending a hand we can make a huge impact and help save 1,440 children everyday.

Women Collecting Water

Women and the water crisis go hand-in-hand. They are extremely hard workers in collecting and carrying water back and forth from the water sources to their homes. Not only do they gather water for themselves, but also for their families. Women literally carry water on their back, so their families can survive. On average, “women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water.”

Unsafe Water and Disease

Can you imagine drinking or bathing with this? Only 10 percent of wastewater gets treated and the majority of illness is caused by fecal matter. Sadly, this is not unusual for people suffering from the water crisis.

Water Committee Meeting

Defeating the water crisis is not a joke, and people affected by the devastation take it seriously. One of the images in the gallery below illustrates a water committee meeting in La Kabouy, Haiti. Community involvement is a key element in turning the water crisis around. Without community members banning together, it is 50 percent more likely for water projects to fail.

Achieving Sanitation

Three things most of the world can’t do are take a hot shower, get clean water from the tap and flush away yesterday’s dinner. This seems unfathomable to those living in the United States. We do all of these tasks daily, without even thinking about it. Without cleanliness, billions suffer.

New Water Systems

Water seems like one of the simplest elements on Earth, but yet it is so complicated and highly need worldwide. Who knew water could truly make someone happy? In an image below in the gallery you’ll see how happy children are to have clean water for bathing.  Before the installation, they used dirty pond water. For these five children, water seems like the key to happiness and surviving.

In our country, we are concerned with having the most recent phone, the best hi-def television and of course money. Worldwide billions worry whether they’ll have clean water when they wake up in the morning. If these images don’t persuade you to help out on World Water Day, here are others from Water.org that maybe can lead you in the right direction.


Join us in helping Water.org reach new eyes on March 20, 2012 when you act as a micro-activist. It’s simple: update your status on Facebook, send out a tweet, or pin a moving image about the water crisis. Our hashtags are #MicroistDay and #ShowerDrinkFlush. For much more information and detailed resources including social media messages, check out our Microist page. Or sign up here and we’ll send you everything you need to know.

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