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Bob Barker wrote to Missouri lawmakers asking them to oppose the state's ag gag billBob Barker wrote to Missouri lawmakers asking them to oppose the state's ag gag bill

Bob Barker to Missouri Lawmakers: Stop the Ag Gag Bill

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If you love animals, Bob Barker is probably one of your heroes. He just keeps on being awesome and saving lives. He has spoken out against UVA’s testing on cats, helped send rescued wolf dogs to a sanctuary, funded a rescued chimp habitat and more.

Barker, who recently helped PETA open their new West Coast headquarters in Los Angeles, has written a letter to Missouri lawmakers along with the animal rights organization. The former “The Price is Right” host has asked the state’s senator to oppose the ag gag bill that he says will hide animal cruelty.

According to PETA, the legislation would require any abuse documented on farms to be reported within twenty-four hours. They say this will prevent whistleblowers as well as undercover investigators from “exposing routine cruelty to animals.” Barker wrote in his letter, “As a Drury University alumnus who spent many years in Missouri, I am deeply disappointed to hear that Senate Bill (S.B.) 695 is on the table. I’m writing to urge you to oppose this bill, which aims to stop undercover investigations on factory farms.”

Barker also cites a 2008 PETA investigation over three months at an Iowa Hormel supplier. He says that it is crucial to obtain enough documentation of the ongoing cruelty to animals on these factory farms in order to prove they are not isolated cases. “The extensive video footage resulted in the filing of 22 charges of livestock neglect and abuse against six workers. All six admitted their guilt, and the evidence from the case helped prosecutors achieve the state’s first convictions for the abuse or neglect of factory-farmed pigs,” he wrote of the PETA investigation.

Barker added, “S.B. 695 seems to me to be a reaction to Proposition 2, which passed a few years ago in California with overwhelming support from liberals and conservatives alike and mandated sweeping reforms in the treatment of animals in the meat industry, rather than hiding cruelty from consumers. Missouri lawmakers must realize that consumers are demanding better treatment of animals used for food, not for the agriculture industry to cover up illegal acts and penalize those who try to expose routine cruelty. Please show consumers that Missouri has nothing to hide by opposing S.B. 695.”

Iowa was recently the first state to pass an ag gag bill into law.

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